Since 1998, the Mustang Club has helped support the financial requirements for all MP athletics.  As financial needs escalated, individual teams assumed responsibility for raising funds to support their respective teams.  These additional fundraising efforts, while often successful, placed an additional burden on an already intense responsibility for the coaches, athletes and families of team members.  Additionally, the unintended outcome of multiple requests for the same individual or family to support several team campaigns became frustrating for some supporters.


In the past few years, the Mustang Club made an intentional effort to try to help all of the teams at MP raise the money they needed, and to do so in a manner that was respectful and appreciated by the teams and supporters alike.  Donors have overwhelmingly requested a consolidated effort to support all Myers Park High School athletics in a unified fundraising effort versus multiple team-driven campaigns.  Coaches are also aligned and see the unified campaign as a way to ensure each team and every participant has the appropriate financial support to enjoy a safe, comprehensive and meaningful experience as a Myers Park student-athlete. 




Our goal is to raise enough money annually to support the financial needs of all MP athletic teams.  Your support helps The Mustang Club, in concert with Myers Park's Athletic Director, Brian Poore, and each team's coach, provide the necessary uniforms and equipment, transportation, fees, field space/maintenance, security and healthcare required for a safe and successful athletic experience.  Your tax-deductible donation will help provide support to every MP athletic team based on the budgetary needs determined by each coach and the Athletic Director.  This transparent approach ensures that every team receives what they need.  


For a donation of $50 or more, you will become a member of The Mustang Club.  The Mustang Club offers a variety of membership levels that include various benefits and a number of season pass options for on-campus athletic events. 


It is our hope that you will find this unified campaign to be the ideal way to support all Myers Park Athletics.  The culture of the school is strong and unified...with your support, our athletic program will be as unified as our school.  Join the STAMPEDE to help build an Athletic Program where all teams benefit.